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The story of VULEVU SWIMWEAR started in 2016 after the founder was graduated masters degree from Brunel Univesity in London. When his underwear&swimwear background combined with his marketing education; the dream came true!

Thanks to our successful designers, deep researches and heavy schedules we found the bug in the system and located directly onto the lack of the needs of motivators.

Our aim is serving high quality and comfortable products as well as creating good and long-term relations with our motivators- which we believe that is a must in being professional.

Today,  VULEVU comes in variety of colors with modern, posh and contemporary designs blended with our own spirit; which makes us stronger and unique. Each VULEVU is created with our love and passion; harmonised with italian luxury polyamide elastane fabric with de luxe accessories . We assure our accessories has no harm for human health.

True to its name, VULEVU kindly asks ‘would you like ? ’ to our motivators -who are self confident and stylish women- because we believe that you are unique and we have definitely a perfect-fit VULEVU for you!

We promise to be always up-to-date,original, and fulfill your needs any time you want by maintaining our quality level!

Already excited to meet #myvulevu on you!

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